Leader in Italy in the production of profiles for plaster, for external cladding and for floors, continuous and constant renewal productive.

"Banti" addition to entirely cover nationwide through a network of agents and distributors, is present in Europe and in the world.

In its administrative headquarters and production of Milan, the company care in particular the selection of raw materials and are closely monitored in the various stages of processing to ensure consistent quality of production.

The use of advanced technology allows the Banti to ensure the highest quality in every product, and allows the realization of a wide range of special profiles to drawing for always satisfy the needs of customers and the market.



The products are made through careful selection of the following commodities:

  • Galvanized steel DX51D (in accordance with regulations EN10143 and EN10346)
  • Aluminium alloy (in accordance with regulations EN 485-2)
  • PVC resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays



Profilati Banti srl is certified by




With reference to the general conditions of the sale sections Profilati Banti srl guarantees that all its products meet the highest quality standards relating to raw materials and the production process.

However the chemical and physical properties of the plaster used are beyond our control.

We are therefore unable to guarantee the corrosion resistance of our products



Profilati Banti srl

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